New Temporary Exhibit

On exhibit May 1, 2018- October 25, 2018

Kentucky Rifles of the Great Smoky Mountains –presented by the Kentucky Rifle Foundation

Inside the Proffitt’s Gallery

Featuring 20 rifles and pistols representing Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

These 18th and 19th century tools were essential for the survival of pioneers in the frontiers of Eastern Tennessee and Western Carolina.

You are invited to view over twenty examples of southern mountain rifles and pistols at an upcoming temporary exhibit.

These southern mountain rifles fully evolved in the last quarter of the eighteenth and the first quarter of the nineteenth centuries, as pioneers and settlers moved into what is now Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  In the original colonies during this time, the Kentucky rifle was becoming an art piece in its “Golden Age,” while on the frontier the southern mountain rifle had become an unadorned, iron-mounted utilitarian piece.

This exhibit is included in the cost of daily admission to the Heritage Center or FREE to GSMHC members.

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