Historic Village

Museum15As you step back in time with your visit to the Heritage Center, you’ll have the opportunity to wander through our Historic Village.

The Historic Village is home to 13 historic buildings that have been furnished according to the period in which they were built. Some of these buildings were de-constructed, transported to the Heritage Center and then put back together for our guests to enjoy.

In our efforts to preserve and protect the Heritage of our region, we have made every attempt to showcase buildings, cabins and barns that are authentic and true reflections of East TN.

Our Historic Buildings include:

  • The Cardwell Log Cabin
  • The Montvale Station
  • The Wilder Chapel
  • A Smokehouse
  • A Set-Off House from the Little River Lumber Company
  • A Wheelwright Shop
  • A Sawmill
  • An Underground Still and Shed
  • A Granary
  • Two Cantilever Barns
  • Print Shop
  • Authentic Outhouse

Items in several of these buildings are touchable, making them the ultimate experiential classrooms! The Historic Wilder Chapel is even available to rent for your Wedding day.

Village pathways are wheelchair accessible, but are made of gravel.