Museum22The Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center is first and foremost a museum; a museum whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the unique history and rich culture of the people who inhabited the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding area.

While visiting the Heritage Center, you’ll have the opportunity to view the Main Gallery, home to our Native Americans of East TN Collection and the East TN Mountain Culture exhibits. Also housed in the main building is the National Parks Gallery – A tribute to the five National Parks of East TN. Directly behind the main building is our Historic Village; a collection of historic buildings and barns brought to us from around the region. The Transportation Station will reopen in 2017 with an impressive display of modes of transportation ranging from mules to wagons to Model T’s and more.

In addition to our Permanent Exhibits, you’ll also find a display of Temporary Exhibits that are only available to view for a limited period of time. Visit often to experience artifacts that have included a replica of the Titanic, unique handcrafted quilts, wartime cannons and various other items that have been used in every day living.