Concerts/Concert Tickets

Make plans to join us for the 2021 Concerts!

Reservations must be made in advance for all Sunset Series Concerts. Reservations may be made no more that 30 days in advance by clicking on the links.

Friday, May 7th- 1981-The Concert- Simon and Garfunkel Tribute Show (Tickets Required)*

Friday, May 28th- Sunset Series- Steve Kaufman

Friday, June 4th- Dom Flemons (Tickets Required)*.

Friday, June 25th- Sunset Series- Grizzly Goat

Friday, July 2nd- On the Border: Ultimate Eagles Tribute (Tickets Required)*

Friday, July 30th- Sunset Series- Driftboat Cowboys

Friday, Aug 6th- Tall Tales of Tennessee

Friday, Aug 13th- Keith Allyn: Neil Diamond Tribute (Tickets Required)*

Friday, Aug 27th-Sunset Series- Tennessee Sheiks

Friday, Sept 3rd- Kelly & Ellis (Tickets Required)*

Friday, Sept 25th- Sunset Series-Pistol Creek Catch of the Day

Friday, Oct 1st- Petty Hearts: Tom Petty Tribute (Tickets Required)*

Friday, Oct 29- Sunset Series-Nicholas Edward Williams

*Required separate admission

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